Welcome to Haunted Littleton!

We host ghost hunts in heart of the Historic district in Littleton, North Carolina, located on US 158 between I-85 and I-95 is a town with a rich history going back to the revolutionary. One of the main coach roads running east and west through North Carolina ran right through town, and later a branch of the NC railroad ran through connecting Halifax and Raleigh.

The tour includes a house built in 1850, Person’s Ordinary built in 1739 (the oldest historical landmark of Halifax county), and Lakeland theater based in what used to be the Littleton School which had all grades. Our most frequent ghost hunts are at a old farmhouse that dolls were sold out of for years and then sat dormant, which is called the “dollhouse”

We will tell history of the area, ghost stories, and personal experiences as well as a brief lesson in using standard ghost hunting equipment.

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Please RSVP for a tour date here, as spots are limited.