Finalizing the tour dates

We are extremely close to finalizing the first set of tour dates. The first tour will be next weekend, we just have to arrange to have access to Lakeland Theater as we have to get in when it is not already booked. We will definitely have answers by tomorrow. We have already been promised the night of Halloween, and the day after.

The idea of a ghost tour began once we realized that the vast majority of the historical buildings in the area have paranormal activity. We look forward to getting this first tour started and have the tours running all year round.

2 thoughts on “Finalizing the tour dates

  1. Good morning I was wondering in you let Paranormal Teams come and do there own investigations at the properties you have? If so what is the cost and how long can we investigate for? Thanks Mark NWPRI Clinton, NC


    • Hi Mark,
      You and your group are absolutely welcome. The rate for a 4 hour investigation is $40 per person, or if you have a large group please feel free to email us at or call at 631-220-1231. The Lakeland theater has some limitations for the length of the investigation, since we are at the mercy of their schedule but the 1895 Alston House will definitely be available for you. Look forward to hearing from you!


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