EVP at Person’s Ordinary

As any of you who have gone on one of our tours knows, this is a tour involving true paranormal activity so we have no control over how much activity we have on a given night. Last Saturday was an extremely active night in a building that gives us a good amount of very active nights.

We had more activity than usual on the K II’s, the meter activity was switching from one type of meter to another, and the meter was answering yes and no questions, even giving the same answers when the questions were repeated out of order.

An old fashioned dice game was set up in the tavern room downstairs, and we had a spirit wanting to play with the dice, and when we left the room for a few minutes and returned, the dice were now in a cup.

We also had a candelabra start to shake when no one in the room was near it, and then shake on command when we asked. Multiple people were touched in the upstairs bedroom.

At the end of the night, as we announced we would leave, there was a moan given in response, this was repeated a number of times when we said we were leaving.

Listen to a small clip below. As we announced that we were going to leave, there was an audible moaning sound. That is captured on the tape and begins before Stephen is done speaking. Over the moaning sound however is what sounds like a voice, and that we did not hear while we were there.

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