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Stephen Barcelo
Dad with camera Steve cropped

Stephen Barcelo was a photojournalist with the NY Daily News for 10 years, and was the main contact for the Daily News for all breaking news on Long Island. Not only covering photography but also covering the journalistic end in getting quotes and researching information and he also shot video. He always had some interest in ghosts and the paranormal but it wasn’t until he did a “Halloween themed” documentary at behest of the Daily News that he truly became interested. He then went on to do two other  paranormal documentaries for the Daily News, during one of which he discovered a remarkable piece of evidence, the Ghost Cat.

1850 Alston House

1895 Alston house avatar

Located in Halifax county, the Alston House is an 1850 home on Mosby Ave in Littleton North Carolina. The activity in the house includes disembodied voices of conversations between two people heard by multiple people who were at different locations in the home. The voices seemed to come from the older part of the house, the living room, foyer and stair area. The smell of cigarette smoke is almost a daily occurrence though no one in the house smokes and smoking is not allowed inside the house. Items in the house have moved, reappeared and disappeared again, these include a key to the outbuilding and black marbles discovered by a contractor renovating the home. The same contractor had to stop working and leave the house because he felt there was a presence with him that did not want him there.

Person’s Ordinary

Person's Ordinary

Built in 1739, on North Carolina route 1001, which was one of the first roads in the state, dating back to when the roads were packed dirt for horses and stage coaches, it began as a tavern or “Ordinary” and became a stage coach stop. The building (which is the oldest standing landmark in Halifax county) and land around it was owned by John Person, and the land became knows as “Little Manor.” As more people and businesses appeared the name of the area changed to Littleton.  The building is almost never opened and secured with an alarm system, but local residents have reported seeing faced in the windows and, occasionally, a flicker of light through the windows after dark.

Lakeland Theater

Lakeland theater is an working theater based in the auditorium of the now closed Littleton School. Mark E. Taylor founded the Lakeland theater in the decaying school in 1977. People have seen multiple apparitions in the theater venue itself, and members of the audience have been known to be pushed by unseen hands if they choose the wrong seat.