Drastic Doll Movements

Upon checking the museum today as we were turning on lights, we noticed that the Haunted Doll (Ms. Beasley) has moved. She has moved quite a bit, this is the most drastic movement we have noticed to date. It looks like the chair moved to the side, and she twisted in the chair. This is really thought provoking because nothing above the box has been disturbed, including the candelabra.

Have you already seen Ms. Beasley? If not come check out her new pose!

Recording: Knocking Sounds

While recording for EVPs at Person’s Ordinary on November 28th, we instead got a knocking sound in response to our questions.

The recording is still under review. Please listen and let us know what you think. All investigators heard the knocking at the time of the recording. The knocking sounds are amplified on this file for easier listening.

Wine Tasting & Museum Open House

photo of bigfoot

Is that a photo of a bigfoot?

haunted doll in a box

What does this Haunted doll do?

Find out on Halloween!

Come see the Museum and check out some Halloween themed wine with Main Street Produce. The event is free, just come to the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum at 328 Mosby Ave, Littleton NC after 5pm and taste some great wines! If you want we will have ghost tours available after the wine tasting.

Life Size Haunted Doll House

A Doll 11We are looking to see who may be interested in a coming investigation. In early September we will be hosting a 5 hour ghost hunt in a life-size, haunted doll house in Littleton, NC. This is a farm house filled with hundreds of dolls; even the kitchen and the bathrooms are covered in dolls. No matter where you go in this house, hundreds of little faces stare at you.

The owner has even walked into the house at night and had one of the dolls talk to her, “Mama I’m hungry, feed me applesauce!”

No one has ever investigated this before, this will be the first paranormal investigation of this house.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining us for the investigation. The price is $85 per person, with group rates available. The date is still up in the air so please let us know if you are interested in a particular day and we will work with the owner to try an accommodate your request.

People and Places with Pierce: Paranormal activity at the Dollhouse

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EVP at Person’s Ordinary

As any of you who have gone on one of our tours knows, this is a tour involving true paranormal activity so we have no control over how much activity we have on a given night. Last Saturday was an extremely active night in a building that gives us a good amount of very active nights.

We had more activity than usual on the K II’s, the meter activity was switching from one type of meter to another, and the meter was answering yes and no questions, even giving the same answers when the questions were repeated out of order.

An old fashioned dice game was set up in the tavern room downstairs, and we had a spirit wanting to play with the dice, and when we left the room for a few minutes and returned, the dice were now in a cup.

We also had a candelabra start to shake when no one in the room was near it, and then shake on command when we asked. Multiple people were touched in the upstairs bedroom.

At the end of the night, as we announced we would leave, there was a moan given in response, this was repeated a number of times when we said we were leaving.

Listen to a small clip below. As we announced that we were going to leave, there was an audible moaning sound. That is captured on the tape and begins before Stephen is done speaking. Over the moaning sound however is what sounds like a voice, and that we did not hear while we were there.

Ghost Hunting Season is Now Open!

Make sure to buy your permit, as it is officially the start of Ghost Hunting Season.

We have new dates for the ghost tours, and something special for Memorial Day, we are beginning a 45 minute ghost walk. The walks will not enter the buildings, but will include the ghost stories and local history.

If we get interest on the shorter walk we will include more walks as the season progresses. As always we are more than happy to accomodate any special dates or requests, just contact us on our RSVP page, or email us at HauntedLittleton@gmail.com

Saturday,  May 2nd  7 pm – 9 pm

Saturday, May 9th    7 pm – 9 pm

Satuday, May 16th   7 pm – 9 pm

Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th – Special Walking Tour  6 pm, 45 mins to an hour $10 per person.

As always RSVP here to let us know you are interested in coming. We look forward to seeing you!

8 Tips for Cold Weather Ghost Hunts

Lakeland Snow

Ready to suit up and trek out into the snow for a ghost hunt? Here are some tips to make is a successful hunt.

6 tips for cold weather ghost hunts:

  1. Wear layers Especially if you will be moving outside and inside, you will be still for long periods of time and do not want to get frostbite.
  2. Keep batteries warm Ghost may drain batteries, but so does cold weather. Professional photographers will go as far as to keep a “hot hands” hand warmer near the spare batteries to keep them longer.
  3. Watch for lens fog As anyone who wears glasses will tell you, if you go from a cold environment to a warm one, lenses will fog. Make sure to check this so you are not getting distorted photos.
  4. Watch for dragon breath Breathe smoke in the cold? Be careful not to get a photo of it! This would be an interesting but very false positive.
  5. Watch for condensation orbs Snow will cause orbs even if it is invisible to the naked eye. We have had photos submitted to us showing very light snow falling, when the photographer thinks they have captured hundreds of orb spirits in front of their house.
  6. Don’t wear loud clothing Have a favorite puffy coat? The kind with the lovely swishing sound every time you move? This may keep you warm, but it will make EVPs impossible.
  7. Watch for lens flare from snow and ice Even in the dark with IR you will end up with lens flare from snow and ice around you.
  8. Listen for cold weather sounds Snow falling off of branches, trees snapping from cold, be aware that there are a lot of cold weather noises that may catch you unaware.

Have any more tips to share? Let us know!

Activty in the Person’s Ordinary

The Person’s Ordinary in Littleton is the oldest Historical Landmark in Halifax County, North Carolina. Built in 1739 on the stagecoach road running from Hillsborough to Halifax, one of the main routes of the time period. It is called by Person’s Ordinary as it was owned by Thomas Person and an Ordinary was a place for “ordinary” men to sleep, as the wealthy and connected travelled with letters of introduction and stayed at manor houses during their travels.

We went to the Ordinary to see what we could find, as we had no personal experience with any activity. We got some great evidence, particularly with the K-II meters.



Some Early Evidence!

This photo was taken with a flash in a dark stairwell. Note the shadow on the left, climbing the stairs and the wall.

This photo was taken with a flash in a dark stairwell. Note the shadow on the left, climbing the stairs and the wall.

This photo was taken right after the previous photo. Note the shadow on the left is gone, but now there is a shadow on the  right hand side.

This photo was taken right after the previous photo. Note the shadow on the left is gone, but now there is a shadow on the right hand side.

We had a great time with the tours this weekend. We had a tour on both Friday and Saturday and were actually permitted into the back wing of the old school. (This is kept off limits to tours and visitors for safety reasons as there are holes in both the roof and the floor.)

In the back of the hallway is a stairwell to the second floor. As the second floor is entirely out of comisssion, no one uses these stairs.

When the first two photos were taken neither Stephen, the photographer, nor anyone standing with him noticed anything odd. The shadows were only spotted afterwards, while going through the evidence.

On the second night, Stephen went back to the same area to purposely try to debunk the shadows, trying to use different angles to recreate them. He even had people standing on either side of him to help the shadows along, but no shadows appeared.

Look at the photos on the left and let us know what you think.

This photo was taken under the same conditions as the other two. Note the lack of shadows.

This photo was taken under the same conditions as the other two. Note the lack of shadows.

Special Ghost Hunt Dates Scheduled

Person's Ordinary Time Lapse Alston HouseWe are happy to announce some extra dates for some 4-hour ghost hunts focusing on the 1895 Alston House and the Person’s Ordinary. If you are an experienced paranormal investigator, you can take advantage of having access to 2 historic buildings with quite a bit of recorded activity.

If you are interested in the paranormal but have not been on an investigation before, we have basic equipment, and will explain the ins and outs of a ghost hunt to you.

The hunt will begin in Person’s Ordinary, which is the oldest landmark in Halifax county built in 1739. We will give you the history of the building, and both the reported activity as well as what we have been able to document on previous visits.

Depending on the level of activity and the desire of the investigators, we will then go to the Alston House. Built in 1895 this house has a mysterious past and a lot of unique features that are still being uncovered, and a lot of activity experienced by both the owners and visitors to the house.

The dates for the 4-hour hunts are:

Friday, October 17th 6:30 – 10:30

Saturday, October 18th 6:30 – 10:30

Saturday, November 15th 6:30 – 10:30

Friday, November 21 6:30 – 10:30

We are already receiving sign-ups and spots are limited, so don’t wait to RSVP here.