The Littleton ParaCon has been rescheduled due to the coronavirus Covid-19. The new date is Oct. 17.

The Littleton ParaCon has been rescheduled due to the coronavirus Covid-19. The new date is Oct. 17.
Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum owner Stephen Barcelo said, “I apologize for any inconvenience but this is out of our hands.”

 The Littleton ParaCon on Saturday, October 17 from 9:30 am – 6 pm will be held at Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, 411 Mosby Ave, Littleton, NC 27850.

Speakers are as follows:

Brian J Cano, the Haunted Collector

Ronald Murphy, Folklorist, Paranormal Investigator, and Author

Alissa Plakaros, UFOlogist, Cryptic Researcher and member of Shadow Podcast

Nina Circone, Spiritualist, and Paranormal Researcher

Stephen Barcelo, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator, and Founder of Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum

TJ Owens, Bigfoot Researcher & Background growing up with Mothman

Minnie Silver, personal experiences and stories of cryptids

John Harrison, personal experiences of bigfoot & paranormal

Drastic Doll Movements

Upon checking the museum today as we were turning on lights, we noticed that the Haunted Doll (Ms. Beasley) has moved. She has moved quite a bit, this is the most drastic movement we have noticed to date. It looks like the chair moved to the side, and she twisted in the chair. This is really thought provoking because nothing above the box has been disturbed, including the candelabra.

Have you already seen Ms. Beasley? If not come check out her new pose!

Recording: Knocking Sounds

While recording for EVPs at Person’s Ordinary on November 28th, we instead got a knocking sound in response to our questions.

The recording is still under review. Please listen and let us know what you think. All investigators heard the knocking at the time of the recording. The knocking sounds are amplified on this file for easier listening.

8 Tips for Cold Weather Ghost Hunts

Lakeland Snow

Ready to suit up and trek out into the snow for a ghost hunt? Here are some tips to make is a successful hunt.

6 tips for cold weather ghost hunts:

  1. Wear layers Especially if you will be moving outside and inside, you will be still for long periods of time and do not want to get frostbite.
  2. Keep batteries warm Ghost may drain batteries, but so does cold weather. Professional photographers will go as far as to keep a “hot hands” hand warmer near the spare batteries to keep them longer.
  3. Watch for lens fog As anyone who wears glasses will tell you, if you go from a cold environment to a warm one, lenses will fog. Make sure to check this so you are not getting distorted photos.
  4. Watch for dragon breath Breathe smoke in the cold? Be careful not to get a photo of it! This would be an interesting but very false positive.
  5. Watch for condensation orbs Snow will cause orbs even if it is invisible to the naked eye. We have had photos submitted to us showing very light snow falling, when the photographer thinks they have captured hundreds of orb spirits in front of their house.
  6. Don’t wear loud clothing Have a favorite puffy coat? The kind with the lovely swishing sound every time you move? This may keep you warm, but it will make EVPs impossible.
  7. Watch for lens flare from snow and ice Even in the dark with IR you will end up with lens flare from snow and ice around you.
  8. Listen for cold weather sounds Snow falling off of branches, trees snapping from cold, be aware that there are a lot of cold weather noises that may catch you unaware.

Have any more tips to share? Let us know!