The Littleton ParaCon

The Littleton ParaCon on Saturday, April 25th from 10 am – 6 pm will be held at Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, 411 Mosby Ave, Littleton, NC 27850.

Speakers are as follows:

Ken Gerhard, Cryptozoologist and Field Investigator

Brian J Cano, the Haunted Collector

Ronald Murphy, Folklorist, Paranormal Investigator, and Author

Alissa Plakaros, UFOlogist, Cryptic Researcher and member of Shadow Podcast

Nina Circone, Spiritualist, and Paranormal Researcher

Stephen Barcelo, Cryptozoologist, Paranormal Investigator, and Founder of Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum

TJ Owens, Bigfoot Researcher & Background growing up with Mothman

Minnie Silver, personal experiences and stories of cryptids

John Harrison, personal experiences of bigfoot & paranormal

Kal Morris, Bigfoot Researcher

Along with many vendors!!

The area is rife with Bigfoot sightings as recent as November 1st! Paranormal activity in the area is off the charts.

Check out the YouTube Channel!

Please Contact Stephen Barcelo at the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum for any questions regarding the event.